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AgTech and sustainable agribusiness

Our GovHack 2021 challege explored how AgTech can improve sustainable agribusiness.



The potential of Aussie AgTech

Australia is well-known for its world-leading agriculture exports. Perhaps lesser known, however, is the potential of Australian agtech (agriculture technology ) to bring more sustainable, scalable and relevant food and resources to the world.

BY Quinn Tran


Creative projects with Microsoft Azure

Get your creative juices flowing with the latest in computer vision innovation. 



How Azure Percept is boosting creativity

From art to sign language and all the way to architecture, technology has increasingly become a significant part of the creative process. It has enabled us to communicate with people that don't speak the same language, provided us with new ways to express ourselves through innovative art and given us a means to share our art with the world too.

Use SMS to control your IoT device

In this blog, we look at how to use SMS commands from the Telstra Messaging API to control your IoT device remotely. 


Three elements that make up the IoT ecosystem

Developing with the Internet of Things is fun. It’s challenging. It’s frustrating at times. But it’s also an opportunity to change the world with code. And you don’t need five years R&D experience or an engineering degree to do it. In this blog, I’ll go through some quick weekend hackathon projects you can put together to bring your IoT idea to life.

Changes to our IoT Developer Kit offer

The IoT Marketplace and Developer Kit trial were retired in July 2021. 

Where we've come from

Telstra is a leading IoT provider, but when building great technology solutions, sometimes less is more. That’s why we made the decision to end the TelstraDev IoT Marketplace and Developer Kit trial, with effect from 15 July 2021. After speaking to IoT developers, we found that Telstra IoT’s biggest value is in the coverage and depth of network we can offer – so we're focusing on that.

Unlocking the IoT: Telstra Track and Monitor API

As Australia’s longest serving telco, Telstra is expanding their developer program to provide the APIs and IoT offerings that can leverage the century of investment in our mobile network and the growing IoT ecosystem. With our asset tracking solution, the Track and Monitor API, we're connecting businesses to the largest coverage IoT network in Australia, and giving them the tools to innovate and create experiences on top of it. In the below videos, Telstra Developer Advocate Michelle Howie