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IoT Insights for Sustainable Regional Agribusiness: GovHack 2021

Everyone knows about Australia's world leading #agriculture exports. But lesser known is the potential of the #agtech (#agriculturetechnology ) potential to bring more sustainable, scalable, relevant food and resources to the world! AgTech a is more scalable export, and less dependant on the size of population or your geographical location, which puts us clever Aussies at a huge advantage. It’s more sustainable and economic to ship software around than fresh produce or livestock!

Control your IoT Device remotely with SMS commands

Developing with the Internet of Things is fun. It’s challenging. It’s frustrating at times.

But it’s also an opportunity to change the world with code! And you don’t need 5 years R&D or an engineering degree to do it. In this blog I’ll go through some quick weekend hackathon projects you can put together to bring your IoT idea to life.


Consider that the Internet of Things is made up of 3 key elements:

BY Dave Bell


Telstra Innovation Hackathon 2020

Calling all startups, partners and employees of Australian corporates with a global presence; Registrations are now open for Telstra's Innovation Hackathon 2020!

It's not a traditional weekend hack, with the competition spread over 4 weeks to suit the busy schedule of industry professionals. We'll be bringing together our international ecosystem, leveraging epic partners (Microsoft, AWS and TelstraDev) and our ICC in India. To be eligible to participate, participants must be: